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Q: Our Return and Refund Policy

A: We accept Vibrant Pod or capsule returns only after you, the original user, obtain our prior written or email return authorization.

We authorize product returns and will refund the purchase price you paid (net of insurance contribution or reimbursement) only if:

  1. Our product does not meet our product warranty terms (found at https://www.vibranthcp.com/faq/our-warranty/).
  2. Our product is damaged or defective at the time you receive the product, as long as you notify us of the damage or defect within one week after you receive the product as evidenced by your proof of purchase or other receipt, or
  3. You decide to return our product to us for any other reason within the first 30 days after we ship our product to you, as long as the returned product is new, unused, undamaged and in its original unopened packaging. Returns authorized under this clause (3) are subject to a $50 restocking fee.

We will provide a refund if a capsule is defective, as long as you notify us of the defect within one week after you tried to activate the capsule and return the claimed defective capsule to us for inspection. Refund will be prorated, based on the capsule count in a pack and the purchase price you paid (net of any insurance contribution or reimbursement), and will be issued after receiving the defective capsule(s) in our warehouse.

We do not accept returns or offer refunds in any other circumstances.

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