Vibrant capsule size A: The size of Vibrant’s capsules is comparable to the standard size of vitamin capsules in the US, as well as and the video capsules employed used by Gastroenterologists for procedures such as video endoscopy. You should not use the Vibrant System if you: • Have a history of Zenker’s diverticulum (pouches in the […]

How to activate the Vibrant capsule? A: Step 1 – Take one capsule from the blister Step 2 – Place the capsule in the activation pod and wait for the green light. Green light means the capsule is activated. Step 3 – Swallow with a glass of water That’s it – simple and easy

Do I need a prescription for this treatment and why? A: Safety is our number one priority. This is the main reason Vibrant is a prescription, just like many other chronic constipation treatments. The physician will assess your condition and suitability before a prescription can be made.